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Nowadays, we have access to high-tech TV screens with high resolution displays and superior sound quality. But these expensive TV screens do not come with a lifetime of warranty. Even the smallest of mishaps can cause permanent damages to your precious TV screens.

Let’s assume that you just broke your TV screen by accident and your TV warranty has also expired recently. What will you do? Basically, if your TV does not work then you will be left with two alternatives. Either hire TV repair services or buy a brand new TV altogether.

It is a very tricky situation when you have to determine whether the damages to your TV are reparable or not. Here are some tips which will help you decide when to repair your TV and when to replace it.

 Repair TV which works efficiently

It is not easy to figure out the efficiency of a brand new TV set until you have got it home.  So if you need to fix some minor problems in your TV and everything else works just fine, continuing with your current TV set makes sense. However, if you keep having problems with your TV repeatedly, it might be right time for replacement.

Repair minor damages

Even if you are not accustomed with diagnosing the problem with your TV, many TV repairing companies will diagnose it for you and inform you about the costs of TV parts that needs fixing. After that, you can decide whether to repair or discard the TV.

Replace outdated TV models

With the technological advances, new models of TV sets are manufactured quite regularly. We all know that an old TV is not as efficient as a new one. Not to mention all the extra features that you can access with a new television system.

Replace TV with unavailable original spare parts

As the technology continues to advance and produce new TV models, the TV manufacturers are gradually losing interest in supplying spare parts for older products. So if the manufacturer has no stock of original spare parts, TV replacement seems to be a better choice than repairing.

Repair if warranty card is still valid

Valid warranty card means you receive a free of cost TV repair service from your manufacturer. If anything goes wrong with your TV in warranty phase, make sure that you get your TV repaired.


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Your TV will last as long as you take good care of it. Longevity of television screens can vary with different brands and models. The average lifespan of a CRT screen is around 10 years whereas a plasma TV can last up to 20 years. However, it is a false conception to think that your TV will just die once the time is up.

You can enjoy watching your TV for many years if you don’t put a heavy toll on it every day. Here are some useful tips for making your TV last longer.

Turn the TV off regularly             

Many people just turn the TV on and completely forget about turning it off. When a TV is turned on, it continuously consumes electricity and the hours of television usage keeps increasing. Always remember that the hours of TV viewed per day determine the lifespan of a TV. Therefore, turning the TV off when nobody is viewing is the simplest way to increase the longevity of TV.

Adjust brightness and contrast levels

Once you buy a new TV, the first thing you’ve got to do is adjust the TV settings and maintain the brightness to a lowest possible level. Watching TV at high brightness level decreases the longevity of you TV screen to quite an extent. So if you want your TV to last longer, set the brightness level to “medium” or “low”.

Install a voltage regulator

One of the reasons why our TV stops to work even before its lifespan is because of fluctuation of the power supply. Power dips can cause major damages to any electronic appliances in the house. So installing a UPS or a voltage regulator with power backup can help to increase the longevity of your TV.

Ventilate your TV

Our TV consumes a lot a power and generates a lot of heat. It is essential to place your television at a ventilated area of your room. Always make sure that you don’t place your TV too close against the wall. Place your TV at least four inches away from the wall. This allows the ventilation system inside a TV to protect the TV from overheating. , your television will last for considerably longer periods.


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5 Benefits Of Watching TV

What’s your favorite pass time? Different people have different interests but watching television is what I like to do in my leisure time.

In today’s world, television is an integral part of our lives. By watching TV, we can get our daily dose of fun time. With reality shows, live sports and blockbuster movies in the offering every day, fetching a packet full of snacks and turning the TV on means unlimited entertainment.

Besides that, there are many hidden benefits of watching television too.

Family Time

At weekends or during holidays, staying home with your family and watching television is a wonderful way of spending some fun time together and staying connected with each other. With so many channels and interesting shows to choose from, there is always a lot to watch and have loads of fun all day long.

Stress Buster

Laughter is the best medicine for reducing stress.  Watching TV programs that you like can give you just the lift you need.When you are feeling exhausted after a hard day’s work, watching your favorite comedy shows can reduce your stress level quite significantly.

Informative programs

Today, TV is not just a source of entertainment. You can simply watch TV in the living room and get connected with the world. Be it daily news, health programs or political issues, what you watch on TV can help you see things from a wider prospective. Watching informative TV shows helps you understand more about the world that you live in.

Chance to learn new things

You can learn many new things by watching television. Travel channels, cooking programs and dancing shows are very helpful in case you want to learn how to get it done. Today, it is possible to just stay at home and learn new skills just by watching TV.

Get Connected With Friends

Don’t you think watching favorite TV shows with friends is more exciting than watching it alone? Without a doubt, it’s double the fun! Watching dramas, reality shows or sports with friends also helps our natural human desire for social interaction and gossip.


Everybody loves to watch TV. That is why, MS TV Service is here to deliver the finest TV repair services.To book our services,dial (973) 985-0576.

10 Never Heard Facts About Television

We may call it an idiot box or a major source of entertainment but we can’t deny its undeniable presence in our life. We grew up watching our favorite cartoon characters and our favorite actors doing the impossible.

You may think you know everything about television. Think again! Because here are some interesting facts, you probably didn’t know about television.

* Do you dream in black and white or color? Interestingly, your television might have a significant part to play in this. Those who grew up watching black and white tv often dream in black and white compared to those who grew up watching color TV.

* Ever wonder which is the most widely watched  television programme? ‘Top Gear’ with estimated 350 million views per week is the most widely watched factual television programme.

* The year was 1997, a monkey got as curious as ‘George’ and stole a television aerial in the African state of Benin. It was arrested for this. The street juggler who trained the monkey was arrested and jailed.

The monkey received similar fate. It was sent to Zoo.

*  By the time an American child reaches 14, he/she will have watched 11,000  murders on television. By the time they reach 18, that number soars to 200,000!

* A study done in the University of Rochester showed that those  who watched nature scenes on tv felt more energetic and charitable. Previous studies have shown that watching images of nature can lower blood pressure and muscle tension. One of the many benefits of watching television.

* In 2004, the number of television sets overtook the number of people in UK.

*In 1987, a man hijacked a television station when an episode of  Dr. Who was being aired. He wore a Max Headroom mask and uttered non-sense things. The man has still not been caught.

* An American television news reporter Christine Chubbuck, committed suicide by shooting herself during a live television broadcast in 1974 saying, “ In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts, and in living color, you are going to see another first – attempted suicide”.

* One of the pioneer of television inventions, Philo Taylor Farnsworth, once said to his son Kent that there is nothing worthwhile on tv and they are not going to watch TV in their household.

* You may have watched ‘CSI’ but you probably didn’t know something called ‘CSI effect’. The television crime dramas have so much of an impact that the jurors have unrealistic expectations of  investigation techniques.

7 Tips for watching television with your children

There was a time when having fun meant going outside and playing with your friends. But over time, children are spending more and more time indoors, watching television or playing video games.

It has become a necessity for you to closely guard your children’s TV viewing. So here are some tips that will ensure that your children get right kind of benefits from TV.

* You can certainly have fun with your children but you need to be responsible as well. If left unattended, children can go on watching TV for hours. This can hamper their studies and social life. So, Limiting the hours of television viewing of your kids is not a crime.

* Lay some ground rules for this. Like, they can watch TV only after they complete their homework or predetermine the hours of television viewing on school days, etc.

Children’s bedroom is not the most ideal place to put a television set. You will have less control over the children’s television viewing. Living room is the ideal place for your TV. Here, the whole family can enjoy their favorite television shows.

* Limit your own television viewing. This way your children will feel that they are not the only ones that are restricted from watching the television.  Make a list of programs that you all can watch together. Don’t make it a habit of watching whatever is on the television.

* Children learn things very quickly. Action, violence and horror shows can affect their personality. It is better to restrict such channels. Some modern TV sets have channel lock in them. You can make a good use of this feature.

* Don’t use television as reward or punishment. It puts way too much importance to television which is not very healthy for your child’s upbringing.

* It is a very good idea to encourage your children to draw a picture of their favorite cartoon character or other characters once they finish watching the program. This will fuel their creativity.

* It is nothing unusual for the children to get bored. It does not mean that they should watch TV for entertainment. They should learn to have fun from other things as well.

Since its inception, television has been one of the best modes of entertainment. And sometimes, a broken TV set can disrupt a quality family time.

So if have a broken TV set then bring it to us. For more details and to book our services, dial (973) 985-0576 now. You may also set an online appointment with us.

3 Things To Do Before You Call For Home TV repair service

The world would be much more boring place without television. With the combination of entertainment and information they have changed our mindset. When problem occurs in this prized possession, the agony is unbearable.

But before you take your TV sets to the repair center, check if there actually is any problem with your TV or not. To do that, follow these 3 simple steps. Who knows this might save you time and money.

Start with the basics

Check if your TV’s power cable is plugged into a working power socket. Make sure that the remote control’s batteries are not dead. You should also check the various functions and input options in your TV. Make sure they are properly selected.

 Sometimes, overlooking these small things can cost you your valuable time.


Check the Coaxial cable

Now you should proceed onto checking the cord that connects the cable to your TV. You can check the cable by attaching it to another TV which is working fine. If the same problem occurs in another TV as well then you can conclude that the fault is with the cable.

Furthermore, if the problem is with the picture and sound quality of the TV then remove cord of the cable. If the TV works fine without the cable then again the problem is with the cable service. Call your cable operator to fix the problem.


Clear items from TV’s top

Get rid of any items (especially electrical items) from the top of your TV. They can overheat your TV causing all the disturbances. Whereas, the magnetic field of other electronic items can fluctuate the television signal and sometimes can damage the functioning of smaller parts of your TV.

 The ventilation stacks should be open and clean as well. Use a small vacuum cleaner to clean the ventilation stacks.

 These are some basics that can sometimes get your TVs back to functioning. If these steps do not help, just call in the professional technicians at

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