3 Things To Do Before You Call For Home TV repair service

The world would be much more boring place without television. With the combination of entertainment and information they have changed our mindset. When problem occurs in this prized possession, the agony is unbearable.

But before you take your TV sets to the repair center, check if there actually is any problem with your TV or not. To do that, follow these 3 simple steps. Who knows this might save you time and money.

Start with the basics

Check if your TV’s power cable is plugged into a working power socket. Make sure that the remote control’s batteries are not dead. You should also check the various functions and input options in your TV. Make sure they are properly selected.

 Sometimes, overlooking these small things can cost you your valuable time.


Check the Coaxial cable

Now you should proceed onto checking the cord that connects the cable to your TV. You can check the cable by attaching it to another TV which is working fine. If the same problem occurs in another TV as well then you can conclude that the fault is with the cable.

Furthermore, if the problem is with the picture and sound quality of the TV then remove cord of the cable. If the TV works fine without the cable then again the problem is with the cable service. Call your cable operator to fix the problem.


Clear items from TV’s top

Get rid of any items (especially electrical items) from the top of your TV. They can overheat your TV causing all the disturbances. Whereas, the magnetic field of other electronic items can fluctuate the television signal and sometimes can damage the functioning of smaller parts of your TV.

 The ventilation stacks should be open and clean as well. Use a small vacuum cleaner to clean the ventilation stacks.

 These are some basics that can sometimes get your TVs back to functioning. If these steps do not help, just call in the professional technicians at

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