7 Tips for watching television with your children

There was a time when having fun meant going outside and playing with your friends. But over time, children are spending more and more time indoors, watching television or playing video games.

It has become a necessity for you to closely guard your children’s TV viewing. So here are some tips that will ensure that your children get right kind of benefits from TV.

* You can certainly have fun with your children but you need to be responsible as well. If left unattended, children can go on watching TV for hours. This can hamper their studies and social life. So, Limiting the hours of television viewing of your kids is not a crime.

* Lay some ground rules for this. Like, they can watch TV only after they complete their homework or predetermine the hours of television viewing on school days, etc.

Children’s bedroom is not the most ideal place to put a television set. You will have less control over the children’s television viewing. Living room is the ideal place for your TV. Here, the whole family can enjoy their favorite television shows.

* Limit your own television viewing. This way your children will feel that they are not the only ones that are restricted from watching the television.  Make a list of programs that you all can watch together. Don’t make it a habit of watching whatever is on the television.

* Children learn things very quickly. Action, violence and horror shows can affect their personality. It is better to restrict such channels. Some modern TV sets have channel lock in them. You can make a good use of this feature.

* Don’t use television as reward or punishment. It puts way too much importance to television which is not very healthy for your child’s upbringing.

* It is a very good idea to encourage your children to draw a picture of their favorite cartoon character or other characters once they finish watching the program. This will fuel their creativity.

* It is nothing unusual for the children to get bored. It does not mean that they should watch TV for entertainment. They should learn to have fun from other things as well.

Since its inception, television has been one of the best modes of entertainment. And sometimes, a broken TV set can disrupt a quality family time.

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