Nowadays, we have access to high-tech TV screens with high resolution displays and superior sound quality. But these expensive TV screens do not come with a lifetime of warranty. Even the smallest of mishaps can cause permanent damages to your precious TV screens.

Let’s assume that you just broke your TV screen by accident and your TV warranty has also expired recently. What will you do? Basically, if your TV does not work then you will be left with two alternatives. Either hire TV repair services or buy a brand new TV altogether.

It is a very tricky situation when you have to determine whether the damages to your TV are reparable or not. Here are some tips which will help you decide when to repair your TV and when to replace it.

 Repair TV which works efficiently

It is not easy to figure out the efficiency of a brand new TV set until you have got it home.  So if you need to fix some minor problems in your TV and everything else works just fine, continuing with your current TV set makes sense. However, if you keep having problems with your TV repeatedly, it might be right time for replacement.

Repair minor damages

Even if you are not accustomed with diagnosing the problem with your TV, many TV repairing companies will diagnose it for you and inform you about the costs of TV parts that needs fixing. After that, you can decide whether to repair or discard the TV.

Replace outdated TV models

With the technological advances, new models of TV sets are manufactured quite regularly. We all know that an old TV is not as efficient as a new one. Not to mention all the extra features that you can access with a new television system.

Replace TV with unavailable original spare parts

As the technology continues to advance and produce new TV models, the TV manufacturers are gradually losing interest in supplying spare parts for older products. So if the manufacturer has no stock of original spare parts, TV replacement seems to be a better choice than repairing.

Repair if warranty card is still valid

Valid warranty card means you receive a free of cost TV repair service from your manufacturer. If anything goes wrong with your TV in warranty phase, make sure that you get your TV repaired.


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